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Arzum OKKA turkish coffee machine OK008 black


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Arzum OKKA turkish coffee machine OK008 black

Main Features:

1) The advantage of slow preparation to prepare Turkish coffee that tastes like that prepared on hot coals

2) Automatically detects the water level and adjusts the coffee brewing time accordingly ensuring the same great taste every time

3) Option to automatically supply the machine with water from an external water tank

4) Self-cleaning feature.

5) Turkish coffee on its origins with its wonderful taste and rich foam

6) Option to prepare one or two cups at the same time


Average preparation time:

Normal preparation 1-2 minutes

Slow preparation 4-5 minutes

It is preferable to use freshly roasted and finely ground Turkish coffee

Amount of coffee per cup: Add 5-7 grams of coffee using the attached spoon

Add sugar if desired, according to your personal taste

Turkish coffee with great taste and perfect foam pours into the cup or two automatically when the preparation is finished

Product Ingredients:

1- coffee pod lid

2- Ceiling of the coffee cleaning room

3- Cover of the water chamber

4- The water chamber

5- Slow brew button

6- control panel

7- One cup brew button

8- Button to prepare two cups

9- Coffee spout

10- Self-cleaning button

11-Light and warning signs

12- Cup size selection key

13- The start and stop button

14- Cup platform and used water drainage net

15- Used water container handle

16- Measuring spoon of coffee

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