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instax mini 11 instant film camera (Blush Pink)


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The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera is the latest in the much-loved Instax series of instant cameras, a stylish, fun, and elegant camera capable of producing instant credit card-sized prints. This model has been updated with the auto-exposure function that no longer requires manual adjustment of different lighting conditions, and the built-in flash is useful in low-light conditions. It has also combined the capabilities of close-up photography, the 60mm f / 12.7 lens, to achieve smooth shooting from 11.8 inches to infinity. Rather than needing to use a lens attachment, an integrated design you just need to extend the lens barrel to Selfie mode for close focusing from 11.8 inches to 19.7 inches, and the integrated mirror at the front of the lens allows for great selfies. The camera's slim design also features a new Instax logo embossed on the film door, a transparent ring over the lens, and a classic window viewfinder, and it includes two fun shutter button covers.

Now It’s Easy to Get Bright Photos Anywhere!


The high-performance flash automatically
calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed accordingly — no need for any special settings.

Other instax mini cameras

The light of the flash does not reach the background, resulting in a dark-looking photo.

image image

instax mini 11

mini 11 captures bright backgrounds and bright subjects even in dark scenes.

Brighter Backgrounds Brighter Backgrounds

Selfie ModeSelfies & Close-Ups Never Looked Better!


Simply pull out the lens to instantly switch to
Selfie Mode!

  1. Press the power button, and the lens extends automatically.

  2. Pull the rim of the lens outward.When you see the “SELFIE ON” mark, it’s on Selfie Mode!

  3. You can check your framing with the mirror next to the lens.


Capture a perfect Close-Up!

Use Selfie mode to shoot a subject 30 to 50cm away
so you can get a clear close-up shot everytime.

Close-up range 3 0 to 50cm
There’s a slight shift between the viewfinder and the actual photo during close-ups.Here's a tip: Aim just a little to the right of your subject for best results.

The instax prints depicted are for illustrative purposes only.

AccessoriesCustomize Your Camera


Two shutter button accessories and
a strap are included.

Shutter Button


Glows in the dark!

The color of the strap and jewel button match the camera color.





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