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Fujifilm shoe mount flash EF-60


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Fujifilm shoe mount flash EF-60.

FUJIFILM's first, radio controlled wireless clip-on flashz

A clip-on flash offering a powerful output which also allows wireless controls are now ready to support our customers. In addition to and with the combination of its cameras and lenses, the EF-60 will assist GFX/X series customers to challenge broadening their creative works using lights.


GFX100 / GFX100S / GFX50S II / GFX 50S / GFX 50R / X-H1 / X-Pro3 / X-Pro2 / X-T4 / X-T3 / X-T2 / X-T1 / X-S10 / X-T30 II / X-T30 / X-T20 / X-E4 / X-E3 / X100V / X100F


Compatible commander device

Wireless remote function : FUJIFILM EF-W1, Nissin Air10s
Optical communication remote wireless function : FUJIFILM EF-X500


Max. Guide No. approx. 60 (ISO 100·m)
When focal length coverage is set to 200mm in 35mm format
The Coverage (zoom) 24mm – 200mm (in 35mm format)
16mm (in 35mm format) when using built-in diffuser
Bounce Position Up: 90°, Down: 0°, Left: 180°, Right: 180°
Color Temperature approx. 5,300K (at full flash)
FP (High Speed Sync) emmission Compatible
Exposure Control, Flashing method TTL, Manual control
EV compensation +/-2EV in increments of 1/3 of EV
Manual mode*5 1/1 – 1/256 with 1/3EV step selection (flashing)
1/1 – 1/32 with 1/3EV step (FP(HSS) emission)
Repeating flash
Charging Recycling Time (Full flashing, fully charged) approx. 3 sec. (NiMH battery)
No. of flashes (Full flashing, fully charged) approx. 170 times (NiMH battery)
Wireless remote function
Communication method 2.4GHz NAS*2
Action mode Remote (TTL, Manual, OFF)
Compatible master device FUJIFILM EF-W1, Nissin Air10s*3
Communication Channel Compatible with channel 1 to 8 of wireless commander
Remote Group A, B, C
Optical communication function
Communication method Optical pulse method
Compatible master device FUJIFILM EF-X500
Action mode Remote (TTL, Manual, OFF)
Communication Channel Compatible with channel 1 to 4 of master flash
Remote group A, B, C
Power Source 4 x AA batteris (NiMH battery, Alkaline battery)
External Power Source
Dimension (Height x Width x Depth) approx. 97mm x 73mm x 113mm
Weight approx. 300g (wthout battery)

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